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Fee Guide


NHS fee guide as of the .
Band 1 course of treatment
Band 2 course of treatment
Band 3 course of treatment


Examination: Cost
New patient examination £55.00
Recall examination £38.00
Xrays small films £12.00
Xrays large films £55.00/65.00 on referral
Study casts £45.00
Intensive oral hygiene instruction £49.50
Hygienist clean £75.00 per 30 minutes
Deluxe clean £85.00
Amalgam from £95.00-180.00
Small Composite (White filling) from £150.00
Medium composite from £200.00
Large composite from £285.00
Glass ionomer filling small from £65.00
Glass Ionomer filling medium from £85.00
Glass Ionomer large from £98.00
Temporary filling £36.50
Root Canal Treatment
Non-Molars from £485.00
Molars from £585.00
Crown & Bridge:
Lab shade check £75.00
Porcelain only e.g E-max/Zirconia /Lava from £625.00
Porcelain bonded to metal from £585.00
Porcelain Inlay/onlay from £625.00
Porcelain veneers from £595.00
Full Gold Crown from £780.00
Gold Inlay/onlay from £750.00
Temporary crown £38.00
Recement crown £85.00
Bridge Retainer £585.00
Bridge Pontic £585.00
Resin bonded Bridge per Wing £585.00
Recement bridge from £185.00
Simple extraction £150.00
Surgical extraction £300.00
Treatment of Infected Socket £30.00
Partial Acrylic Denture from £650.00
Partial Flexi Acrylic from £680.00
Full Acrylic denture from £650.00
Cobalt chrome (metal frame) denture from £865.00
Relining denture from £155.00
Lab constructed Special Tray £35.00
Addition tooth/clasp/gum to existing denture £85.00
Denture repair, no impression required £45.00
Anti Snore Device from £495.00
Tooth whitening syringe £25.00
Mouthguard £150.00
Cosmetic Treatments
Tooth whitening both arches £350.00
Cosmetic Composite Bonding from £200.00 per tooth
Adult Orthodontics
CLINCHECK including photos +3D scan
from £155.00
Invisalign Express from 1250.00
Invisalign Go from £2995.00
Invisalign Go Plus £3650.00
Emergency appointments from £65.00
Facial Aesthetics
Anti-wrinkle treatments from £195.00-295.00
Dermal Fillers (premium fillers) from £220 per 1ml

Other Treatment items if required will be explained by your dentist and all treatment costs given on a written treatment plan.

We also offer in house insurance schemes such as Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials which allow you to spread treatment costs with monthly payments as well as additional benefits, from £13.80 per month. Please ask reception for details.